Event Attendee


Endpoint examples: 


Use the Event Attendee endpoint to get your event attendee information on your site. 


Name Description Example Optional Data type
data The JSON you would like to POST. This can be POST content also
data =
"eventid" : 123,
"attendeembrid" : 12345,
"attendeename" : "Name"
Yes json object
id Search a specific event atteendee by the id id=123 Yes int


Include this parameter to get event information in the return body


Yes string


Filter results by attendee name


Yes string


Filter results by attendee status. Example: Booked, Paid, Standby


Yes string

Create a new event attendee

To create a new event attendee use POST method and do not provide any Id. You may use the event endpoint and member endpoint to get event id and attendeembrid.

You must include an eventid and attendeename for a new attendee. You should provide either a mbr_email or mbr_id for the attendee, so that this attendee will be linked with their member/user/customer record.


   "eventid" : 123,
   "mbr_email" : "",
   "mbr_id" : 12345,
   "attendeename" : "Name"

Update an existing event attendee

You can also update an existing attendee's details or status. You must include an id. The rest of the parameters provided will be used to update the attendee. With updates you must provide the ID for the known attendee. There is no foreign key.


   "id": 12345,
   "attendeestatus": "Paid",

Updateable Fields for Attendees

eventid, attendeebookedon, attendeembrid, mbr_id, attendeename, attendeestatus, attendeepaid, attendeenote, attendeecount


Example Return JSON Event Attendee

"eventid": 123123, "attendeename": "John", "mbr_id": 112233, "attendeembrid": 112233, "attendeecount": 2, "attendeestatus": "Booked", "id": 11111, "attendeebookedon": "2021-12-15 12:16:45.683412", "attendeeid": 11111, "cid": 100000

Status Meta Data

Return all valid status type meta data

End point: 


   "endPoint": "eventattendee/statusMetaData",

   "data": [










   "success": true