Webhooks are automated notifications sent from our system when an event occurs. Webhooks are more efficient  than polling, and require less work on your end.

We currently support 3 Webhooks:

  • Member: Triggered when a member is created or updated.
  • Product: Triggered when a product is created or updated.
  • Order: Triggered when an order is created or updated. 

Using Our Webhooks endpoints you can subscribe to the above Webhook subscriptions. 
The Webhook URLs provided by you will be called upon any changes made to products/members/orders in our database.

Only one change will be posted per notification. If bulk updates have been made to our
system, it may take a few hours before all updates have been queued and processed.

Base URL

Request Body

Name Example


"hookUrl": ""

delete (Required for disabling a webhook)

"delete": "yes"

webhook_auth_username (Optional)

Use these to authorise the notification call if required

webhook_auth_header (Optional)

Use these to authorise the notification call if required

webhook_auth_password (Optional)

Use these to authorise the notification call if required

Subscribe to a Webhook Example

To subscribe to any one of the 3 Webhooks use the right endpoint. And send in the response body the respective Webook URL.
Below is a minimum payload expected to enable a Webhook Subscription with the provided URL.

"webhook_order": ""

Unsubscribe from a Webhook Example

To unsubscribe send in the response body a "delete" parameter. Make sure to send the request to the right endpoint to unsubscribe.

"delete": "yes"

Example response

"api_webhooks_enabled": "f",
"api_config": {
"webhook_order": "",
"webhook_auth_username": "user header",
"webhook_member": "https: //",
"webhook_product": "",
"webhook_auth_password": "",
"webhook_auth_header": ""


Whitelist IPs

Please whitelist these IP's and check this page from time to time if you experience any missing data feeds.