Shipping Options



Use our endpoint /shippingOptions to get all the Shipping Options configured in your website. The return output will be in JSON Format.


Name Description Example Optional Data type
Shipping Destination

Get all shipping options for the destination

shippingdest = "Auckland"

Yes string
Shipping courier

Get all shipping options by the courier provided

ship_courier = "GoSweetSpot" Yes string
Shipping domestic

Get all shipping options based on Domestic

isDomestic = 1 or isDomestic = 0

Yes int

Useful use cases

1. Get all shipping options

Return all shipping options configured in your website. Use GET to retrieve the data.
Example URL:
Replace the apiID and apiKey with your credentials.

Sample Output

We can expect to receive a sample output data as below. 

endpoint: The end point that is being used
resultCount: The total number of results returned
data: The actual data desried
success: true or false depicting the success of the query


   "endPoint": "shippingOptions",

   "resultCount": 1,

   "offset": 0,

   "data": [


           "id": 19946,

           "ship_courier": "NZ Post",

           "shippingdest": "North Island",

           "shippingbase": "5.0",

           "shippingperunit": "8.0"



           "id": 19947,

           "ship_courier": "DispatchIT",

           "shippingdest": "South Island",

           "shippingbase": "7.0",

           "shippingperunit": "10.0"



           "id": 19948,

           "ship_courier": "CourierPost NZ",

           "shippingdest": "International",

           "shippingbase": "15.0",

           "shippingperunit": "25.0"



   "success": true,

   "pageSize": 0