Member Notes


Parameters for Notes

Name Description Example Optional Data type
data The JSON you would like to POST. This can be POST content also
data =
"note_subject" : "notes from api",
"note_body" : "This is a new note"

Yes json object
id Search a specific note  (aka note_id) id=2334453 Yes int
mbr_id Search a note related to a Member id mbr_id=123 Yes int

Search a note by it's subject

note_subject=Important Yes string

Search a note by it's type

note_type=Work Yes string

Search a note by it's body content

note_body=Example for note Yes string


Search note which was created after or before the time provided.
Use matchType parameter along for more control over the data.

Yes string

We accept the commonly used date formats like yyyy mm dd, yyyy/mm/dd, yyyy-mm-dd. 

Add a new note

To add a new notes do not provide any Note Id. Provide a mbr_id if known or a member email address and member name to record the note against a member. If no member exists system will create a new member for the email address.
Rest of the details will be used to create the new note.

Example when mbr_id is known.

  "mbr_id": 1234,

  "note_subject": "notes from api",

  "note_body": "body of note"


Example when mbr_id is not known.


  "mbr_email": "",

  "mbr_name": "member name",

  "note_subject": "notes from api",

  "note_body": "body of note"


Update an existing note

To update a note provide it's ID. You can update the subject, body, note type of any note.



  "note_id": 1234,

  "note_subject": "notes from api",

  "note_body" : "body of note"


Updateable Fields for Member Notes

note_subject, note_body, note_type

Example Return JSON Member Notes


   "endPoint": "membernotes",

   "resultCount": 1,

   "offset": 0,

   "data": [


           "note_subject": "this is a test note.",

           "note_body": "note regarding something",

           "note_id": 1234,

           "about_uid": 567,

           "id": 1234,

           "note_time": "2021-07-15 12:21:35.151008",

           "note_re_msgid": 0,

           "from_uid": 40,

           "cid": 128528



   "success": true,

   "pageSize": 200