Send Emails

With our /sendemail endpoint, you can send an email with upto 5 attachments. You will need a Live paying site to access this endpoint.

Success/response is returned as a JSON object. 

PDF Generator

Send a well formated HTML email, and request a PDF copy generated, and will be attached to the email sent to the user. You only need to send the email content. 

Send Speed limits

This API end point is strictly limited on send speed for the protection of our server and your domain reputation.

SPF / DKIM Authorisation / Domain Verification

You can only send emails FROM a domain that is setup and verified in our system. This is because, we are not authorised to send emails on behalf of third party domains. eg gmail/yahoo/xtra etc do not allow us to send email from those public/retail email addresses. Therefore, you must use a FROM address that is connected with a domain name in our control panel, and active. For domains that are registered with us, and with DNS managed by us, we can have greater success at sending emails on your behalf. We can send email on behalf of domains that use a thirdparty email server, such as outlook or google gsuite, but only if that domain has it's DNS managed by our servers, or is otherwise configured and verified within our control panel and connected to the same website as your API is enabled within.  

Your website / account must be in a live status, in order to use this API method. 

End Point



Please note for email addresses, you can include several email addresses separated by semi colons. However, the from/replyto email address should be singular.  From address must be related to a verified domain withing our system. REPLYTO email address can be anything.

TO=   {email;email;email} {required}

CC=      {email;email;email}

BCC=    {email;email;email}  

FROM=   {email}  {required}


SUBJECT=   {required}

BODY=    {required}

HTMLMODE = 1    (any value for this parameter confirms the body is HTML, no value is plain text.) 

SENDFILE=   (send a file as a multipart post attachment)  ( SENDFILE1,SENDFILE2, .. 5)