Use the Events endpoint to get your events information on your site. 


Name Description Example Optional Data type
data The JSON you would like to POST. This can be POST content also
data =
"eventtitle" : "New Year Event",
"eventstartdate" : "2019-12-31"
Yes json object
id Search a specific event id id=123 Yes int


Search events by event title

eventtitle="New Year Event"

Yes string

Create a new event

To create a new event use POST method and do not provide any Event Id. 



"eventtitle" : "New Year Event",

"eventsummary": "Summary of the event..",

"eventstartdate" : "2019-12-31",

"eventedndate" : "2020-01-01",

"page": 123


Update en existing event

You can also update an existing event's details. You must include an Event Id. The rest of the parameters provided will be used to update the event.


   "eventtitle":"eventtitle" : "The event title has been changed" ...

Updateable Fields for Events

eventstartdate, eventenddate, eventstarttime, eventendtime, eventvenue, eventcapacity, eventattendeecnt, eventtakebookings, eventtitle, eventsummary, eventemail, eventimg, eventurl, eventtimestamp, eventpid, eventonly1day, eventvenuepublic, site_search_keywords, event_fulltext, site_search_keywords_updated, eventresults, eventsresultsurl, eventtype, eventauthorid, event_notes_question, parenteventid, event_privacy, event_enquiry_form, eventtakebookingsuntil

Example Return JSON Event


"eventcapacity": 9999,

"eventid": 1234,

"eventattendeecnt": 0,

"eventtakebookingsuntil": "00:00:01",

"eventendtime": "10:00:00",

"event_enquiry_form": "Always",

"eventpid": 0,

"eventwebinarurl": "",

"site_search_keywords": "^webinar",

"eventauthorid": 0,

"eventenddate": "2021-11-10",

"eventtimestamp": "2021-09-14 11:52:00.0",

"eventtitle": "Webinar event",

"eventstartdate": "2021-11-10",

"parenteventid": 0,

"event_privacy": 0,

"id": 1234,

"page": 111,

"eventvenue": 0,

"eventstarttime": "09:00:00",

"cid": 222