Use our /reference endpoint to get useful reference data. All results will be returned in JSON format.

Endpoints available

Example URL for all endpoint

Replace the endpoint with one of the endpoints from below.

For example:

Endpoint Explaination Example Output
countries Get list of all countries 
"mapid2": 7189999,
"startgmt": "GMT+04:00",
"country": "United Arab Emirates",
"code": "AE",
"ddi": "971",
"mapid": 7180000,
"id": 7180000
currencies Get list of currencies with the country name
"ccy": "AED",
"currencyname": "United Arab Emirates, Dirhams"
fx List of currency exchange with details like from currency, to currency, exchange rate, last updated time 
"ccyfrom": "AUD",
"ccyto": "CHF",
"lastupdated": "2020-09-02 20:35:02.070346",
"fxrate": "0.669"
categories List of general product categories with their product
"parentname": "Arts and Crafts",
"name": "Crafts",
"id": 1,
"parentid": 137
memberlevel A breakdown of our member levels and their meanings. For example -100 ID is for Blocked Address/Spam Member. 
Full explanation of member levels here
  "name": "Blocked Address / Spam",
  "id": -100
  "name": "Deleted / Merged",
   "id": -50
hostingplans A breakdown of all our hosting plans. 
"hostingdesc": "Monthly Email/Placeholder Hosting",
"typedescription": "This plan is designed for those who just require a placeholder web page and email service. It does not use our templates. It can be used as a backup for a website that was once online. When using this plan, you should create a second trial webspace to build your new live site.",
timezones List of Java Time Zone Ids. 

The postcode data provided here is generated and collected by Website World.

There is no guarantee of the data being 100% accurate as postcodes can change in the future.

"country": "New Zealand",
"province": "",
"city": "Chatham Islands",
"island": "South Island",
"postcode": "8944",
"territory": "Chatham Island"