Fetch Orders and Update Orders


Change the hostname to your own website hostname. There may be several other URL formats that work, but the format must either include a valid domain name for the target website, or the site ID

You can get the API password and Site ID from inside our CMS/Control panel, in the API area under your shopping page.

Instructions for Courier Companies

Include the following parameters onto the end of the Endpoint above

Get orders ready to ship (being those with a paid status or otherwise marked as ready to ship in our back end)


Include all orders since August 10th, 2020. Otherwise, our system only goes back 1 month by default.



Increase the amount of data returned, as we will limit max rows to 500 othewise.


Include all the product/item line data in the order also. 


Other parameters you probably do not need

Get only orders that are already shipped, cancelled, paid, open, etc.

...&readyToShip=1  //generally considered ready to ship

...&shipped=1    //already shipped

...&paid=1    //paid confirmed

...&cancelled=1   //cancelled, should be ignored, but you may wish to look

...&openCarts=1   //orders in progress, for other purposes.

Updating the status of an order. 

You can POST or GET the following URL, to update the shipping status of the order.  (change the hostname to something valid for your website). The orderid can either be the InvoiceNumber or BasketID from the XML above.

Add these parameters to update the courier tracking number, the first is required


This URL is optional, but it is suggested. It's easier for a customer to click a URL that goes straight to their order status page


This is optional, but you can provide long textual notes about their order/tracking status.


Send Notification Email

As above, but add this parameter to send a branded notification email to the customer with the tracking information contained in it. We encourage all couriers to do this, however, we understand you may send your own, so you may choose not to include this. But many merchants want to use our branded notification system, that sends the email from the merchant, including the original order details.


More Help?

Please contact us if you need any specific guidance or changes.